Install documentations of our RingCentral Messaging - Ring Central SMS, Text with Zoho CRM

Install documentations of our RingCentral Messaging - Ring Central SMS, Text with Zoho CRM

Important: If you used our older RingCentral SMS extension before, the workflow functions and custom modules for text messages do not transfer.  Workflow functions need to be recreated.  Old text messages need to be exported and re-imported into the custom module prior to deleting the old extension. Make sure you have a backup!

You will receive a link to the extension from us.  
  1. Click on the extension while you are logged into Zoho CRM in the same browser.  The extension requires an Enterprise license of Zoho CRM or Zoho One license.  If not sure what license you have, please click on your picture in the right top area of your Zoho CRM.  It will tell you under subscription.  
  2. Agree to terms of service and authorization. Click continue.

3.      Install for ALL USERS (or whatever your requirements maybe)

4. After it is installed navigate over to the custom module (top navigation in your CRM, might have to click the three-dot navigation)   and look for RingCentral Set Up.  

5. The drop-down list of users is your Zoho CRM user list.  Click AUTHORIZE (blue button).  This will open up a RingCentral login window.  Log in to the RingCentral account that owns the extension you want this Zoho CRM user to work with for SMS texting.  

Also view this video instructional how to properly set up users: 

6. Each user can do the same for their own.  Remember each user has a login to RingCentral, it is not enough to log them in via the admin password.

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