How to Use RingCentral SMS - Zoho CRM Extension

How to Use RingCentral SMS - Zoho CRM Extension

1. Navigate over to LEADS or the CONTACTS module.  

2. In the LIST view you can select a LEAD/CONTACT and see a button top labeled RIngCentral SMS - press it

3. See a WIDGET window open up and display the conversation window.  In the number dropdown, you can select the FROM number you are using.  Only numbers that are owned by the extension will populate here.  A RingCentral does not allow a user to use another user's phone number.  Also toll-free and fax numbers do not have SMS capabilities.  Naturally, all numbers must have SMS capability by RingCentral in order to be used.  If you are not clear on this please check with RingCentral support and your account settings.  

4. You can use templates (up to 3 only) to prepare canned responses.  The variable %First_Name% is available, and it is the only one.  If you need to use more, workflows are where you can do any variable in your messages.  (a separate document that shows how to set up workflows). Click select to use a template or if you edited them click update to save your changes. 

5. When you select a template, you will have to hit the space bar before the SEND button appears blue.  Just a little annoyance, but it is what it is. 

6. Upon sending the text you see it in blue in the widget window in real-time and also when they reply you will see in real-time.

7. Sales signals display both outgoing and incoming alerts. 

8. We recommend using the mobile field for the number that you are intending to text to.  It just makes sense.  People text mobile phones. 

9. Logs are placed in the RC SMS related list (left pane).  

10. Text - SMS messages are logged in the custom module: RingCentral SMS.  The system tries to tie them to a record in CRM based on the phone number.  It will try 3 times if not successful the first time.  

11. You can see if it is inbound, and which record it relates to

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