How to add texting button to a custom module

How to add texting button to a custom module

1.  Go to SETTINGS and WIDGETS in Zoho CRM

2. Press the button to the right: CREATE NEW WIDGET

3. Add a name you would like, I used RC SMS Widget
  1. RC SMS Widget
  2. Widget Type: Button
  3. Hosting: External
  4. Base URL:
  5. Click SAVE

4. Go to SETTINGS - Links and Buttons

5. Make sure you are in the right module (look on left) where you are creating the button

6.  Click NEW BUTTON
  1. Name it anything you would like, I used: Send RC SMS
  2. Where would you like to place the button? I selected VIEW PAGE
  3. What action would you like the button to perform? Select the widget you created earlier.

7. Go to SETTINGS - Marketplace - INSTALLED

8.  Click on the CONFIGURE link under the RingCentral Messaging Extension

9. Extension Settings click edit and add the API name of the custom extension.  (you get API names at:

That should be it.  Any issues please let us know.