GoTo Texting with Custom Modules

GoTo Texting with Custom Modules

1. Go to SETTINGS -> DEVELOPER SPACE - FUNCTIONS and create a new function.
      Function Name: Anything you like for example GoToCustomModFunction
      Display Name:  You can make it the same.
      Description: Totally up to you. 
      Category: Select Stand Alone

2. Paste the following code: 
customvar = {"APINAME":"gotoconnectmessaging__custommodules","value":"customModulName"};
resp = zoho.crm.invokeConnector("crm.set",customvar);
return "";

Replace APINAME with the custom module API NAME (how to access API names) separated by a comma.

2. Need to create a widget in order to create a button.  This video will explain how to do that.   The link used in the video is: 

3.  We expect the Mobile fields in the module.  For name, we consider the Name field which is the default for custom modules. 

4. Now you just have to create buttons where you need them.  To create a button go to: SETTINGS, enter into search: BUTTONS

The page will look like this, make sure on the left side you click the custom module you will be creating these buttons on:

See it in the video: